HerdInsights is a multi-metric, cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ for dairy cows which improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs and reduces health care costs through early illness detection.

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How it works

HerdInsights uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection. Pre-breeding, HerdInsights identifies both cystic and non-cycling cows enabling early intervention and treatment.
Combining pre –breeding analysis with post partum health detection and a 96% heat detection rate ensures that HerdInsights can maximise your 3 and 6 week submission rates.

HerdInsights monitors a cows feeding and rumination behaviour, compares this to her usual behaviour and to that of the rest of the herd. As such we are gaining an informed, data led insight into feed quality, reproduction management and cow efficiency with real, tangible results for the farmer…….Healthier cows pregnant quicker in a more efficient, cost saving manner!

What we do:

Reproductive Management

  • Pre breeding analysis
  • Estrus Detection
  • Pregnancy Check List
  • Embryo Losses

Health management

  • Reactive – monitoring each cows health index and generating alerts for sick cows
  • Proactive – providing reports on your herds progress and status
  • Monitoring Treatment Effectiveness

HerdInsights Key Product Features:

  • Validated 96% Heat Detection Rate
  • The HerdInsights app is smart phone, tablet, desktop and laptop compatible
  • Cloud based – FREE Automatic Software Updates
  • NFC Capability for easy installation
  • Push notifications and text message alerts
  • Automatic Battery Monitoring
  • Replacement batteries
  • Off farm heifer management

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