Increase calf sales with extra Export quality heifers

Genetics Australia NZ together with Genetic Development [NZ] Ltd, has handpicked a group of bulls with sexed semen available to produce export-ready heifers. Heifer buyers are demanding heifers by international bulls, bred to perform in higher input management systems.

Demand for export heifers is at an all-time high and will remain for the foreseeable future. Recorded AI heifer calf values are significantly higher than bull calf values. Use sexed semen to boost the heifer ratio to 90% for your AI


Hamish & Kiri Finlayson, Whangarei have used mostly Genetics Australia NZ bulls for the past 12 years on their mainly grass-fed herd and can see the benefits every day.

The farm is undulating with a fair bit of walking, but that does not worry this herd of 300 with the breeding goals concentrating on feet and legs, medium stature, Udders and reducing SCC.

The herd started with Italian genetics and now uses predominantly Australian bulls. In the past 12 years, the reduction in lameness has greatly improved along with Udders and SCC.

Thanks Hamish and Kiri for sharing this with us.

Cutting Edge Grazing Genetics – Providing Solutions for NZ

The new year has brought a new look to the New Zealand genetics market. Genetics Australia – NZ, formally Genetic Enterprises, has released their 2020 New Zealand Dairy Sire Catalogue and it contains a range of genetic products that provide solutions to your genetic problems.

Genetics Australia has been working for over 60 years to develop a grazing dairy cow that produces well from pasture but can also respond when challenged with additional feed. Genetics Australia have incorporated the best genetics from around the world into their breeding program in order to capture a wide cross-section of bloodlines and traits and the bulls are then evaluated using the well-respected Australian Breeding Values system (ABV).

The 2020 catalogue includes a mix of reliable daughter proven sires like Maebull and Goldchipdream (Microchip) and new exciting young sires that are just hitting the market like Pemberton and Winner.

Genetics Australia also offers one of world’s best and most diverse range of Jersey sires. Farmer favourites Aussiegold P, his half-brother Polledgold PP and type sensation Askn are all available for New Zealand dairy farmers. A22, polled, strength and sensational udders, what more could you want!

In addition to their new catalogue, Genetics Australia NZ have also welcomed new General Manager, Chris Dale. Chris joins us with extensive experience in the dairy industry across the global including 22 years in the UK dairy industry, 12 of which were solely focussed on dairy genetics and included work in the USA and Ireland.  Chris has extensive knowledge and experience in the New Zealand dairy industry having worked the past twelve plus years in NZ involved again in Bovine Genetics and large-scale Corporate Farming at an Operational level. He was also seconded to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food in a supervisory role dealing with farmers with confirmed cases of FMD. Chris brings extensive industry knowledge and sales experience to our business and we are excited to welcome him to the Genetics Australia – NZ team.

An electronic copy of the catalogue can be downloaded at or for a printed copy or to request for a representative to visit call 0800 357164

Jersey Pack Offers 2020

Offer available until 31/12/2020 and is subject to semen availability. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

Genetics Australia acquires Genetic Enterprises NZ

GENETIC ENTERPRISES NZ is now 100% owned by Genetics Australia as at 1st April 2018. Genetics Australia CEO, Anthony Shelly has released the following statement.

Australia’s leading dairy breeding cooperative Genetics Australia has purchased independently owned and operated NZ based AI genetics company Genetic Enterprises based at Cambridge, North Island New Zealand.
The purchase gives New Zealand dairy farmers continued access to a wider range of leading Australian dairy sires as well as a select group of genetics sourced from the northern hemisphere.
Genetics Australia Chairman Trevor Henry said the cooperative was excited about investing in the New Zealand breeding industry.
“The purchase is part of our export strategy identified by the Board to grow the cooperative and this opportunity came at just the right time for us. Australia has for many years been a net importer of genetics from many countries, including New Zealand and while we have been steadily growing our sales in New Zealand through Genetic Enterprises for the past 3 years this move gives us the chance to be a greater part of a large dairy industry very close to our shores, “Mr. Henry said.
“We are confident that with the emphasis we have placed in Australia for decades on breeding a moderate size cow with the will and functionality to milk for numerous lactations, our genetics can make a positive contribution to the national dairy herd in New Zealand. In Australia every decision we make is in the best interests of our shareholder members and we are committed to delivering the type of genetics New Zealand farmers demand into the future,” he said.
The purchase was finalised in April following discussion with the Australian farmer owned cooperative and Genetics Enterprises principal Allen Donald said it was great news for New Zealand dairy and beef farmers.
“Genetics Enterprises was established some 18 years ago after I saw a need for a broader range of genetics to be made available to New Zealand producers. We have established a loyal group of customers and has serviced a broad range of interests from dairy to beef as well as a range of other species,” Mr Donald said.
“Genetics Australia has been in business for 60 years so they must be doing something right. They have developed a grazing dairy cow that produces well from pasture but can also respond when challenged with additional feed and they have incorporated the best genetics from around the world in their breeding program. The end result is an infusion of the best international sires combined with leading Australian cow families to produce bulls which breed efficient, fertile, profitable milk producers, predominately from a grazing diet, I can’t think of a farmer in New Zealand that doesn’t want a dairy cow like that”.
“We first introduced semen from Genetics Australia bulls a little over three years ago and the early reports on daughters of several of the bulls is most pleasing and demand had grown year on year.
The Australian national breeding index, the BPI incorporates traits focused on producing a profitable dairy cow and was established based on both science and on what farmers wanted to see in a good dairy cow” he said.
Based at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Genetics Australia is Australia’s leading animal breeding organisation. The announcement coincides with the cooperative’s 60th anniversary celebrations after being established as Victorian Artificial Breeders Cooperative [VAB] in 1958.

For More information:
Anthony Shelly
Chief Executive – Genetics Australia
Mob: +61 [0] 418 129606
Email: [email protected]

Trevor Henry
Mob: 0429 451548