Cutting Edge Grazing Genetics – Providing Solutions for NZ

The new year has brought a new look to the New Zealand genetics market. Genetics Australia – NZ, formally Genetic Enterprises, has released their 2020 New Zealand Dairy Sire Catalogue and it contains a range of genetic products that provide solutions to your genetic problems.

Genetics Australia has been working for over 60 years to develop a grazing dairy cow that produces well from pasture but can also respond when challenged with additional feed. Genetics Australia have incorporated the best genetics from around the world into their breeding program in order to capture a wide cross-section of bloodlines and traits and the bulls are then evaluated using the well-respected Australian Breeding Values system (ABV).

The 2020 catalogue includes a mix of reliable daughter proven sires like Maebull and Goldchipdream (Microchip) and new exciting young sires that are just hitting the market like Pemberton and Winner.

Genetics Australia also offers one of world’s best and most diverse range of Jersey sires. Farmer favourites Aussiegold P, his half-brother Polledgold PP and type sensation Askn are all available for New Zealand dairy farmers. A22, polled, strength and sensational udders, what more could you want!

In addition to their new catalogue, Genetics Australia NZ have also welcomed new General Manager, Chris Dale. Chris joins us with extensive experience in the dairy industry across the global including 22 years in the UK dairy industry, 12 of which were solely focussed on dairy genetics and included work in the USA and Ireland.  Chris has extensive knowledge and experience in the New Zealand dairy industry having worked the past twelve plus years in NZ involved again in Bovine Genetics and large-scale Corporate Farming at an Operational level. He was also seconded to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food in a supervisory role dealing with farmers with confirmed cases of FMD. Chris brings extensive industry knowledge and sales experience to our business and we are excited to welcome him to the Genetics Australia – NZ team.

An electronic copy of the catalogue can be downloaded at or for a printed copy or to request for a representative to visit call 0800 357164